Welcome to the Boardroom: Your Second Career. Vivienne Cox, chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Vallourec and non-executive director on a number of top level boards, explains in an interview with Herminia Ibarra, what it takes to make a successful transition to director status – Apr. 2014.

CNBC’s top 25: Pioneer Lubna Olayan. Herminia Ibarra, and CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla discuss why Lubna Olayan, CEO of Olayan Group, and Gail Kelly, first female CEO of A Big Australian Bank, won spots on CNBC’s top 200 list – Jan. 2014.

Inclusive Leadership: Unlocking Diverse Talent. Nia Joynson-Romanzina, the head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Swiss Re, holds some important lessons on how to foster a diverse environment with flexibility and inclusiveness for everyone – Jan. 2014.

Women at Work: When Corporate Support Backfires. Herminia Ibarra is describing in this video interview with INSEAD Knowledge the “unintended consequences” of family-friendly corporate policies – Aug. 2013.

Unshackling the “Double Bind” of the Female Leader. Herminia Ibarra is talking with Robin Ely, a Professor of Organisational Behavior at Harvard Business School about the barriers women face on the road to leadership – Sept. 2012.

The Gender Gap: Herminia Ibarra, co-author of the WEF report, throws some light on exactly where different countries stand on the issue of gender equality in the corporate world and why women are still facing barriers to attain both the highest echelons and “mission critical” roles at all – Dec. 2010.

Diversity in the work place: How it affects the bottom line. With unemployment having increased since the economic crisis, corporate diversity targets – in the developed world, at least – are in jeopardy. Herminia Ibarra and economist-author Sylvia Ann Hewlett discuss how companies can address this issue – Jan. 2010.

Women & the Vision Thing: Herminia Ibarra discusses her research findings that women leaders do better than men on several measures but are not perceived to be as strong as men when it comes to articulating a vision of the future and translating that vision into a strategic direction for the organization – Feb. 2009.