Herminia Ibarra – one of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers. November 2016

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Fresh approaches for leadership success.
April 2016

Building Effective Networks: They enable you to generate new ideas and expand your influence.
November 2015

Why we need more strategic networks and invest in work activities outside our area of expertise.
April 2015

Don’t Wait for Promotion: Make the Leadership Transition Now – Herminia Ibarra discusses her Big Idea for the Thinkers50 Award 2013 – Nov. 2013.

Gaining Credibility in a New Role: To win credibility in the eyes of your new direct reports, you may need to adopt behaviors that don’t come naturally to you.

Global Thought Leaders Interview: Herminia Ibarra, winner of the Thinkers50 2013 “Leadership Award”, discusses effective leadership styles and the need to be fluent in several styles – Oct. 2013.

The Leadership Transition: Herminia Ibarra who created and directs the INSEAD’s Leadership Transition programme discusses how this program develops your leadership capacity and better prepares you for the critical transition into leadership¬†– 2013.