Leadership and career advancement

Herminia on the World’s Greatest Business Thinkers podcast

Unconventional strategies for career reinvention

Based on Herminia’s research of hundreds of successful job changers, she argues that career transformation is not an event; it’s a transition process that takes time and is built from small changes.

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Navigating the realities of career shifts, Herminia shares invaluable insights on why transitions often take years, not months, and the importance of managing expectations during the journey.

Reinventing Your Career in a Changing World of Work

A conversation with Al Dea on career transition

Mastering career transitions

A discussion with David Lancefield on his acclaimed bi-weekly podcast for strategic leaders

Act Before You Think!

On how doing can often be more effective than thinking 

Lessons in career development

In discussion with Nick Hague on how to reinvent your career

When Authenticity Holds You Back

Chris Hare and Herminia discuss how ‘authenticity’ is over-rated

Navigating Career Transitions

On reinventing your career, how to gain confidence as a writer, why thinking first and then acting doesn’t always work, navigating periods of flux, advice for leaders and the art of writing big-idea nonfiction

What we still misunderstand about mentorship and sponsorship

Herminia discusses authentic connections at work

On gender, leadership and diversity

A chat with Thomas Chamorro Prezumic during lockdown

Ambition versus reluctance

Professional people can be notoriously reluctant to see themselves as leaders. Empson and Morley explore what can be done to support professionals making a transition from full-time fee earner to leader. They examine the myth of ‘authenticity’ with Herminia.

Why is it so hard to become a better version of yourself?

Herminia in an interview with Gareth Jones at The HR Congress


BJ Fogg, Herminia Ibarra and Alexandre Tavazzi share a common commitment to the value of small but carefully considered changes in attitude to help achieve personal and professional goals — whether quitting a bad habit, like smoking, making a career change or becoming a more effective leader.

Authenticity is a double-edged sword

Just be yourself. That’s popular work advice these days, with more and more companies encouraging people to be authentic and bring their whole selves to work. But when we get real at the wrong time, or in the wrong way, it can backfire. What does effective authenticity look like and how can we learn to strike the right balance?

How do we overcome the fear of taking risks?

Herminia explains how managers can step up to bigger leadership positions, without relying on introspection. Discover how ‘act, then listen’ applies, the benefits of a professional association, and whether you’re defaulting to checking off your to-do list.

Learning to lead

We are taught to think before we act. But in this podcast, Herminia asks what happens when we need to act in order for that thinking to make sense?

How to lead with greater impact

In this podcast with Moe Abdou, founder of 33voices, you’ll see that Herminia Ibarra’s philosophy isn’t about strengths, introspection or self-reflection. For her, it’s about acting your way into becoming a great leader.

The road to leadership

Jacob Morgan talks with Herminia about how people can become leaders. They discuss the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, building bridges within your organisation and other cool concepts, such as authenticity and employee engagement.

Act Like A Leader, Think Like A Leader

To take your next step toward great leadership, do you start with introspection and learning to think like a leader? Or do you put yourself into positions where you are forced to learn by doing? Most leadership books and courses give you one answer. But a contrarian and counter-intuitive new book by Herminia Ibarra says they’re wrong.

Why leadership training isn’t preparing you to lead (and what to do about it)

In this episode, Andy Kaufman from People and Projects podcast is talking to Herminia about why leadership training isn’t preparing you to lead and what to do about it.

Act Like A Leader, Think Like A Leader

David Burkus discusses with Herminia how managers and executives at all levels can step up to leadership by making small but crucial changes in their jobs, their networks and themselves.

Why leadership feels awkward

Herminia on moving forward even when it’s uncomfortable.

Building the next generation of female leaders

There are a record 26 women heading Fortune 500 companies right now, and as the next generation of female business leaders emerge, there needs to be new models other than the traditional ‘renegade’ and ‘pioneer,’ says Herminia.

Act Like A Leader, Think Like A Leader

Steve Caldwell talks with Herminia about the many insightful ways a successful leader can understand how unique they are.