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Cultural transformation interview with Jean-Philippe Courtois. June 2019

Herminia Ibarra on Humanification – World Business Forum 2017

Herminia Ibarra – one of HR’s Most Influential Thinkers. November 2016

Building Effective Networks: They enable you to generate new ideas and expand your influence.
November 2015

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Fresh approaches for leadership success.
April 2016


Is It Time To Rethink Your Career? Herminia Ibarra shares insights on personal and career transformation that begins with action, not introspection – June 2015

Why we need more strategic networks and invest in work activities outside our area of expertise.
April 2015

Herminia Ibarra’s Seven Lessons about Career Change: People trying to change career often understand very clearly what they want to stop doing; they find it much harder to articulate what they want to do instead. – Nov. 2014.

Welcome to the Boardroom: Your Second Career. Vivienne Cox, chairman of the Supervisory Committee of Vallourec and non-executive director on a number of top level boards, explains in an interview with Herminia Ibarra, what it takes to make a successful transition to director status – Apr. 2014.

Inclusive Leadership: Unlocking Diverse Talent. Nia Joynson-Romanzina, the head of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Swiss Re, holds some important lessons on how to foster a diverse environment with flexibility and inclusiveness for everyone – Jan. 2014.

Don’t Wait for Promotion: Make the Leadership Transition Now – Herminia Ibarra discusses her Big Idea for the Thinkers50 Award 2013 – Nov. 2013.

Global Thought Leaders Interview: Herminia Ibarra, winner of the Thinkers50 2013 “Leadership Award”, discusses effective leadership styles and the need to be fluent in several styles – Oct. 2013.

Women at Work: When Corporate Support Backfires. Herminia Ibarra is describing in this video interview with INSEAD Knowledge the “unintended consequences” of family-friendly corporate policies – Aug. 2013.

Making the Change: Herminia Ibarra is describing what it’s like to face a career crossroads: that fork in the road where you don’t like where you’re going but can’t figure out how to take that other road.

The Leadership Transition: Herminia Ibarra who created and directs the INSEAD’s Leadership Transition programme discusses how this program develops your leadership capacity and better prepares you for the critical transition into leadership – 2013.