Assessment: Is It Time to Rethink Your Career?

For many people, midlife or midcareer is the most turbulent time of all. Research shows that our lives alternate between periods of stability and transition.

If you’re in (or entering) a period of transition, marked by an increased sense of urgency for change, you’re ready to consider whether you’ve outgrown your role or organization. But if you’re in a period of stability—one of relative contentment, focused on executing well-laid plans—it probably makes sense, for now, to continue building on the career choices you’ve made.

Take this assessment to find out if it is time to rethink your career and what steps you might take next.

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Why we need more strategic networks and invest in work activities outside our area of expertise.

Don’t Wait for Promotion: Make the Leadership Transition Now – Herminia Ibarra discusses her Big Idea for the Thinkers50 Award 2013.
The Leadership Transition: Herminia Ibarra who created and directs the INSEAD’s Leadership Transition programme discusses how this program develops your leadership capacity and better prepares you for the critical transition into leadership.

Press Highlights

“Herminia Ibarra has created a valuable and successful model for helping forward-thinking professionals move up the corporate ladder. She has created a vivid road map for achieving career growth based on ‘learn while doing.’ I’d encourage every professional looking to get to the next level to read this book!” –
Marshall Goldsmith, author, New York Times and global bestseller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There